I started off making music in 1995 with a PlayStation round a friends house. I listened to the likes of  Dru Hill, Timbaland and Wu Tang and taught myself to copy the beats. I also experienced being in front of the mic as a rapper and then a singer, both in groups for which I made demos for. This lead to me experimenting and learning the skills of song-writing, arranging, mixing and mastering.

Fast forward a decade and although I took some time out to live life, I couldn't help returning to music because of my love for creating. After a lot of practice, along with a diploma in Audio Engineering from The School of Audio Engineering, I helped a friend (who went on to become my business partner) compose some music for a short film. After doing it a few times I thought that composition might be an interesting area to study and get into.... the rest is history! 

I now work on music for sync, write songs and produce remixes.