Jonathan Haizel, sometimes known professionally as Mr HaiLey or Blaze, is a producer, songwriter and composer for film, artists and brands.


He was first drawn to music production in his teens and taught himself to re-create popular hits using the game "Music" on the Sony Playstation. Haizel went on to create a handful of low level demo's and remixes and collaborated with a number of small up and coming artists including an RnB group called RAMAYNE which featured himself and 2 other vocalists.  The group performed a number of shows including The Tabernacle in Notting Hill but were never able to progress to recording any of their own material and mainly performed covers. Haizel was also part of a rap group made up of himself and a few friends called LOGIC which created 2 LPs and a mixtape and performed in a few shows around London but never had any major releases. Both groups split later and Haizel continued to learn and experiment with music production.


Haizel considers himself fortunate to have meet a group of people, while studying Business Information Technology at the University of Luton, who were studying film, and was later able to get involved in making music for film when a friend, and later business partner, suggested he give it a try. Haizel also attended The School of Audio Engineering in 2005 after feeling the need to add some formal training to his production experience and left with a Diploma in Audio Engineering.


Building on his music-for-film experience, Haizel was able to score a number of short films and eventually ended up partnering with the friend who had begun to freelance and created his own Creative Agency. This led to Haizel being able to score a number of corporate videos ,as well as a number of other short films with a collective of film makers and writers of which he was an original member, called The Phantom Zone.


Haizel now creates music and writes songs for artists, creatives and brands under the company and brand November Seven Music and is still an active member of the Phantom Zone Film Group.